A Salesian experience in the Czech Republic

James Murphy and I are Irish students studying at NUI Maynooth in Kildare. Our time at NUI Maynooth brought us into contact with the Salesian community of St Catherine’s and with the wider Salesian family in Ireland. Today we are proud to say that we are both residents of St Catherine’s hostel in Maynooth and are grateful for the kindness, friendship and hospitality the Salesian community have shown us during our time here.

It was through the Salesians that James and I became aware of INLINE. Encouraged by the enthusiasm and positive youthful energy we encountered when we came in contact with members of the INLINE team, the prospect of participating as foreign leaders greatly appealed to both of us. Under the guidance and assistance of our Salesian friends we found ourselves in the Czech Republic in July.

It proved a daunting experience we came face to face with a beautiful country, but one culturally very different to our own. However, similar to our experiences with the Salesians at home, we were warmly received and both hospitality and kindness were duly shown to us as we attempted to find our bearings during those early stages of our time in Czech.

Once we had settled the experience proved a deeply fulfilling one and one which has encouraged us to pursue further careers in the teaching of English as a foreign language. As for INLINE, it provided participants with an opportunity to immerse themselves in the English language in a safe, friendly and comfortable manner within an environment rooted deeply within the Salesian education structure.

It was fantastic to be a member of such an energetic, hardworking and friendly INLINE team who added so much extra to our experiences. So despite the fact that our INLINE experience, has, like all good things come to an end, we have both taken comfort in the knowledge that we have made friends for life.

Colm Egan.

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