‘SAVIO Volunteers’ seeks 2 Volunteers to teach English

Salesians, Keela Eral, Tiruchy, Southern India

Don Bosco Mission, Keela Eral is located in a small village in the southern part of India. The mission was started in 1994. From 1994 until 2007 the Salesians worked in the mission doing parish and social work.

In 2007 non formal technical training was started for the rural poor youth and this lasted until 2013. There are nearly 50 villages in and around the station. Realizing the importance of giving higher education to the rural poor youth, an arts and science college was started in 2013. At present 307 students are studying in this college. In June 2015 the number is expected to go up to 600. Nearly 60% of them are first generation learners. Almost all the students come from very remote rural villages and from poor families.

The hope is that by starting this college in this remote area it will be possible to provide quality education for the rural poor youth. Most of the college students come from poor backgrounds and they lack skills and motivation. The Salesians are hoping to give them as many skills as possible along with qualifications to enable them to come up in life. One of the main skills they need to empower them is proficiency in English.

Two volunteers who could teach English to these students would be greatly appreciated by the Don Bosco Mission. At present we have five courses: Bachelor degree in English, Commerce, Maths, Computer Application and Business Administration.

Don Bosco Mission, Keela Eral will happily provide the Volunteers with good accommodation and promise to look after them well. We will be happy have them from June 2015 onwards.

If interested please contact Dan Carroll at carroll.danfr@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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